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Real hair is a trend that will never go out of style!


Shy Watters is taking that idea to the next level by launching a program structured to strengthen, rejuvenate, and grow your natural hair. “Real Hair, Real Healthy” Hair Care Program will accomplish these 3 goals through the use of various protective styling and our exclusive in-house products including Stimulating Scalp Serum and Mint & Moisture. 




In order to join this program, there are a few necessary commitments, those include:


  • Agreeing to mandatory Bi-weekly appointments (this is used to track your hair growth and condition) for 1 year

  • The use of SW Stimulating Scalp Serum and Mint & Moisture as instructed by your hair care professional

  • Allowing the necessary trims and treatments at your stylist’s discretion (this process is essential to hair growth)

As an incentive for your participation you will receive 10% off all products used during your journey, exclusive service discounts for society members, and best of all...

a head full of luxurious, long, healthy hair!

Are you ready to join the

Real Hair Real Healty Society?


Are you looking forward to starting your

Healthy Hair Journey?

Fill out the form below for more information.

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